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Welcome to Sadhvi Yugal

Sadhvi yugal as a duo are the masters in bringing home Lord Mahavir’s philosophy in simple clear and perfect way there by the entire community is proud of their herculean effort to liven the importance of Jainism and Spirituality.
They are the ones who have called upon the youth and their guardians to make Lord Mahavir as a role model instead of the imperfect icons.


On the auspicious occasion of the golden birth year of Sadhviyugal Nidhi Kripa Shree Maitri charitable Foundation has made effort towards the following of Lord Mahavir's path through small but effective measures. This is totally free and the participant becomes a wellwisher to the Sadhviji on their huge efforts towards Shrut Gyan.
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जियो बरस लिखो बरस
Publication Year : 2014
Cost : Rs. 500

Pages :200
Language : Hindi

  • आपकी राशी आपका समाधानआपकी राशी आपका समाधान
  • आत्मा के स्टेशनआत्मा के स्टेशन
  • दैनिक जीवन डायरी दैनिक जीवन डायरी
  • Essence of Hundred SensesEssence of Hundred Senses
  • जीना आये तो ज़िन्दगीजीना आये तो ज़िन्दगी
  • जीवन बोधजीवन बोध
  • जीवन के सात फेरेजीवन के सात फेरे
  • जीवन पाथेयजीवन पाथेय
  • कल्प संहिताकल्प संहिता
  • कर्म जिज्ञासाकर्म जिज्ञासा
  • Life's QuestLife's Quest
  • Life's QuestLife's Quest
  • मृत्यु पाथेयमृत्यु पाथेय
  • जाग सके तो जाग आचारांग संहिताजाग सके तो जाग
    आचारांग संहिता
  • पाप से दुःख पुण्य से सुखपाप से दुःख
    पुण्य से सुख
  • सौ बातों की एक बातसौ बातों की एक बात
  • श्री महावीर कथाश्री महावीर कथा
  • Station of the SoulStation of the Soul
  • सुख का Guarantee Cardसुख का Guarantee Card
  • सुमति मालासुमति माला
"Ideal Life = Right combination of Brake, Balance & Boundary"
by Sadhviyugal Nidhi Kripa Shreeji
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'The Creation is never greater than the Creator'
  In keeping with this
Mridu Pradip Jain & Nandita Sushil Jain
have floated a unique way of presenting
a Biography on Jain Sadhvi Nidhiji & Sadhvi Kripa ji
in the name of Golden Book' Jiyo Baras Likho Baras'

It is an ode to the mark of 'Tapa'&' Temperance'of Sadhvi Nidhi & Sadhvi Kripa
It is gratitude to the duo who have sailed through their esoteric path with the energy of fellowship & togetherness
It is a dedication to the achievers of Real knowledge
It is a recognition of the work done by ' Time Harvesters '
It is cherishing the blessings of the duo and wishing the best for the blessed on their 50 years
It is acknowledging the good qualities of Peace Enviornmentalist as they are.

Address of Sadhviyugal Nidhi –Kripa


Sadhviyugal Nidhi Kripa Maharajji are their Chaturmass is At J.R. Jain Sthanak, opp House no 108, Block A, New Friends Colony, Delhi for the Chaturmass till November, 2014


Kindly contact

Mridu : 9313093444
Manoj : 9312263656

Know Your Sunsign
Aug 23 - Sep 23
Read the Sun sign book by Sadhviyugal Nidhi-Kripa to know the behavioral pattern so as to know how to deal with accordingly.
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