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"आत्मा का अनुभव होता है इसलिए आत्मा का स्वरुप समझो "

- जैन साध्वी युगल निधि - कृपा श्री

About Sadhvi Yugal

Sadhvi Yugal is the name given to a pair of female Jain saints, Sadhvi Nidhi Shree and Sadhvi Kripa Shree who have dedicated their life to strictly practising the Jain principles of salvation taught by our sacred Teerthankars. Sadhvi Nidhi Shree and Sadhvi Kripa Shree renounced the world in 1982 in search of the truth about oneself. Their Sadhna is continuing towards attaining the ultimate truth and salvation.

In this journey, they have blessed others by motivating and guiding them to follow this path of Nirvana (state of eternal bliss and happiness) through numerous Pravachans and Books based on Jain Aagams and principles, in a very easy to understand language.

Sadhvi Yugal Nidhi Kripa shreeji have written on the ultimate goal of ‘jiva’ and how to attain that goal. They have been conducting all India open book exams every year on their latest books published since 2003.


Sadhviyugal Nidhi-Kripa Shri: The stalwart of togetherness

Sadhvi Nidhi, She belonged to a business family where higher education was stressed. While pursuing her higher studies in medicine, she had a chance of meeting Jain Sadhvis. She was radically transformed when asked to become a "doctor of the soul". She joined the ascetic order in 1982.

Sadhvi Kripa was endowed with a heart saturated with the love for truth right from her early childhood. Coupled with this was the nuturing of this passion of hers by her mother. The pinnacle of this triangle was finally completed by her love for reading religious philosophy and literature. Every holiday was utilized as an opportunity to visits saints belonging to the Jain sect, where her interest could be further cultivated. She had mentally decided the path she was to forge in life. She too joined the ascetic order in 1982.

Being in the continuous cycle of GYAN.real knowledge has led to 'simplicity and clarity of thoughts, nobility and serenity in nature, finally constant vigilance and creativity has emerged naturally. At every turning point of life the inner search light has made the internal journey smooth n silky which has provided a headway to the Self-Purification since 31 years thereby leading to the ultimate aim...SALVATION.

Sadhviyugal Nidhi-Kripa Shri: The pioneers of Open Book Contest

They are one of the most popular Jain Sadhvis and are the one who have tried to bring in a revolution in the methods and traditions of Jain culture and that to in a positive manner. They are known to be a real hit with the youth and the older generations wished that they had such mentors at their times. They have been admired by the other saints heads of the various cults and also by the top ranking authority of the jain community. As a whole. irrespective of the sect they are pioneers in the Home Delivery System of Education of Right Knowledge through the medium of Open Book Exam since 2003.they had revolutionised the dying media of studying the Canon which were lying in houses catching layers of dust by rolling out “Samhita” of the Canons which they say are the juice of the scriptures.

Sadhviyugal Nidhi-Kripa Shri: The Revolutionist in Jain Culture.

Sadhvi yugal as a duo are the masters in bringing home Lord Mahavir’s philosophy in simple clear and perfect way thereby the entire community is proud of their herculean effort to liven the importance of Jainism and Spirituality. They are the ones who have called upon the youth and their guardians to make Lord Mahavir as a role model instead of the imperfect icons.

Sadhviyugal Nidhi-Kripa Shri: The Revolutionist in Jain Culture.

Sadhvi Nidhi and Sadhvi Kripa have proven and tested the Best of Management Guru that ‘Success is with the one who not only formulates but also takes the potion prepared.’
Their deep involvement with the study of Mahavir’s philosophy has given them the art to present the driest toughest and detailed subject in a easy simple and clear way..
Sadhviyugal have shown that the ‘Truth is plain and simple ‘. They have prepared the doses of the truth in various forms just as the medical industry has brought tablets capsules mouth dissolving injectibles spray and patches for the same medicine.

Sadhviyugal Nidhi-Kripa Shri : The spiritual catalyst for the Jain community.

Today we feel great to know that they have gone through the entire journey of ascetism & have finally taken recluse to the solitary goal of realising that ‘I am a pure soul'.

They are the erudite scholars of the Jain Cannon along with the comparativestudy of science spirituality and psychology. They had taken to writing books at the young age of 12 years of following the esoteric path. Through their experience of Behavioural science, astrological impacts, psychoanalysis they have been able to propagate and guide the right path In nut shell they have been a stand out motivator in spreading this culture. The Swetamber Sthanakwasi Sangh feels elated to have such dynamic Sadhvis who have attained these heights of Dharam Prabhavana by following themselves and helping others to elevate to reach for the higher realms.
Be it Pravachan or contest on Real Knowledge, Jain study circle or Life Science classes, be it Books or Talking books, be it Geography or History of Jainism all is rolled out of the master tongue of the Sadhvi yugal in one better FORM than the other.
They are the ones who have given easy language to the complex science of Karma. Only they could reach out to the younger generation even of the age of 5 about the existence of soul and that body is separate from soul.
We extend our heartiest salutations to you both for the amazing glitters due to your presence and wish that you soon achieve your goal.

जैन साध्वी युगल निधि - कृपा श्री का जीवन पारायण

' स्पीकिंग ट्री ' का आरंभ

'स्पीकिंग ट्री' का आरंभ

चलते चलते सीखा, सीखते सीखते चले

' स्टडी सर्कल ' एवं ' फैमिली अवेकनिंग ' कैंप


' राइटिंग ट्री ' का शुभारम्भ

लोकजीवी साहित्य का प्रकाशन

' विचार सेवा ' से ' राष्ट्र सेवा '

अखिल भारतीय खुली किताब ज्ञान प्रतियोगिता का सूत्रपात

' स्वाध्याय ' संस्कृति का पुनर्जीवन

अखिल भारतीय खुली किताब ज्ञान प्रतियोगिता का सूत्रपात

' स्व शांति ' से ' विश्व शांति '

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